Experience Matters!

Experience Matters!

Thank you to all of my supporters. I appreciate everyone who followed my journey!


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Experience Matters

About Satpal

Four years ago, the people of Whatcom County supported me in my campaign to become County Executive. I am very grateful for that trust, and I have worked tirelessly to fulfill the promises I made then.

I sincerely believe that Whatcom County is the best place to raise a family, and I am working to make sure that remains true for many generations to come.

Prior to becoming Whatcom County Executive, I served a Whatcom County Council member for five years, served as a Dean of Engineering at Bellingham Technical College, and worked as a professional engineer and senior business executive.

My wife, Mundir, and I have been married for nearly 45 years, have lived in Lynden for 35 years, and our 3 sons attended and graduated from Meridian schools. I grew up in India and spent time working in the petroleum industry in Canada before moving to Whatcom County.